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Zoosa introduces Personal Social Impact reports

In a landscape where many Americans are “self-employed,” a new website, Zoosa, is taking the corporate out of corporate social responsibility (CSR) with the introduction of personal social impact reports. Similar to annual corporate social responsibility reports, Zoosa is now challenging individuals to issue reports on their personal social impact actions in an effort to inspire others to make a difference.

“We really wanted to challenge people to highlight their social impact. Our hope is that by encouraging people to share their activities and measure their impact, it will in turn encourage more people to share their stories and get involved. It’s a new year. Maybe it’s time to issue your first personal social impact report,” says Mike McGlade, Zoosa’s CEO.

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Company benefit by rewarding volunteering! Check out Give A Day, Get A Disney Day

Providing opportunities and encouraging employees to volunteer,  integrating sustainable and ethical practices into your products supply chain, and running cause promotions and cause marketing campaigns are all great ways of “Cause Integrating” your company. But why put all the effort into doing good when your customers can do it for you?

Enter into the the equation Disney’s brilliant new CSR initiative called Give A Day, Get A Disney Day. Simply put, if you can go out and get your hands dirty volunteering with a local nonprofit organization, Disney wants to reward you with a FREE ticket to Disney World or Disneyland Resort. Awesome? We think so. According to Disney,

We want to inspire one million people to volunteer a day of service to a participating organization in their communities. So we’re celebrating these volunteers’ good works by giving each of them a 1-day, 1-theme park ticket to the Disneyland® Resort or Walt Disney World® Resort, free. There’s no better time to make a dream come true for others and let us make a few come true for you.

Why is this so interesting? Here’s how everybody wins:

via Give A Day, Get A Disney Day | 3BL Media

5 Social Media Tips for Better Corporate Social Responsibility

Thanks to a social media culture that reveres transparency and demands accountability, companies today are seen through the critical lens of the Triple Bottom Line: People, planet and profit. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) states that businesses should act as stewards of society, the environment, and the economy. The social media spotlight brings accolades and new business for companies that give back, while brands behaving badly are pilloried in online communities like Twitter and Facebook, followed by the mainstream press.

via 5 Social Media Tips for Better Corporate Social Responsibility.

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